Come eat some healtHy and really, really reeeeeally delicious kale. We’re here waiting for you, Buddy!

Roslagsgatan 2 – Stockholm

Karlavägen 100 – Stockholm

Humlegårdsgatan 22 – Stockholm



Nötfrikadell med tomatsås, grönkål, svartris, parmesan, mandel, valnöt


Rödbetsfrikadell med tomatsås, cashewsås, grönkål, svartris, chipotle, popcorn


Torskfrikadell, massaman, grönkål, svartris, kokos, sesam, koriander


Välj protein: Kyckling, räkor, tempeh, avokado


Grönkål, spenat, quinoa, sötpotatis, balsamico dijon, russin, mandel

Kale CAEsar

Grönkål, roman, quinoa, tomat, cashew, parmesan


Grönkål, spenat, quinoa, sötpotatis, kikärtor, russin, koriander, valnöt

What’s the deal
with kale though?

KALE & CRAVE was opened with the purpose of creating delicious food that promotes good health. 

Aimed at filling a void in the market of healthy and organic food in Stockholm, the restaurants’s vision is to offer innovative and fast served cuisine in an elegant environment, without the use of sugar-, lactose and gluten.

Welcome to join us for lunch, dinner or coffee. Eat here, take away or let us cater your next event

Come find us. And all that great kale.


Monday – Thursday: 11:00 – 19:30
Friday – Sunday: 11:00 – 16:00

Kale&Crave garNisonen

Monday – Friday: 11:00 – 14:30
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

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